Cheap Sightseeing Tour: Your Neighborhood: Locations Part 2

A cheap and easy sightseeing tour idea, explore your own neighborhood like it were a new exotic location, locations described.

Sightseeing in Your Own Neighborhood

11. Open Space. The play area for the apartments (10) was supposed to be here. But the developer forgot to build it. Instead he quickly sold the land and buildings to outside investors such as Dr. Robert Kelley. Dr. Kelley is a dentist who has his offices in the local town center and lives in a wealthier part of town. Many of his patients live in our sample neighborhood but they don't know that their dentist owns these apartments. Dr. Kelley doesn't want them to know.

12. Vacant Lot. But not for long! Another developer wants to fill in the pond with rock and dirt from the nearby hill, which he'll tear away to build 150 apartments. Mark Robbins, who lives in the apartments (9) with his mother and 2 sisters, has spotted a muskrat family living in the pond. But the developer would rather have wealthier, childless families in condominium apartments living here instead of muskrats or little boys like Mark who befriend the local wildlife.

13. Ballou Road. A small, single-family housing tract owned and lived in by older, working-class families. Joe Ballou lives here. He built most of the houses and named the street that he put in for them. His youngest daughter, Lisa, is still in high school, but his other children are married and live in other suburbs. Joe doesn't build houses anymore. "The market isn't so good," he says. "And besides, my wife and I are getting old enough where we'd like to enjoy life." So he and his wife have spent the last 4 winters in Florida. During the rest of the year Joe occasionally remodels bathrooms and kitchens.

14. Footpath. Apartment dwellers shortcut to the shopping center or bus, rather than walk along the streets, which have no sidewalks in this part of the neighborhood.

15. Homes. New, one-family houses worth $40,000 to $65,000. A typical owner is Bud Anderson. He is an accountant with a large firm in the city but he's planning to start his own firm soon. He and his wife Vicki send their 2 children to a private school on the other side of town rather than to the public one nearby (26) because "the quality of public schools here is poor." Streets in this section or tract have been named by the developer.

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