Children of Famous Parents: American Pilot Charles A. Lindbergh

About the children of famous American pilot Charles A. Lindbergh, biography of the kids.


Four years after Charles Lindbergh made his historic flight across the Atlantic, his firstborn son, Charles, Jr., was kidnapped by Bruno Hauptmann, held for ransom, and then murdered. He was 20 months old. The tragedy transformed the elder Lindbergh's preference for privacy into a near obsession. For the next 14 years the family was to live in no permanent home. A Lindbergh child recalled a skiing trip to Switzerland that was interrupted when someone recognized his father on the slopes. The children were packed up, and the family immediately left the resort.

Lindbergh wanted a large family; Jon Morrow was born in 1932; a 3rd son, Land Morrow, was born in 1937; Anne Spencer was born in 1940; Scott was born in 1942; and a 2nd daughter, Reeve, in 1945. The family settled down in a permanent residence in Connecticut in 1946.

It was a tight-knit family, its members blessed with sound minds and healthy bodies. The children were expected to be independent, self-reliant, and responsible. Furthermore, developing worthwhile skills and striving for intellectual honesty were both strongly emphasized by the father. The children were not raised to think of themselves as the children of famous parents. (Anne Morrow Lindbergh, their mother, is a noted author in her own right; her book Hour of Gold, Hour of Lead deals with the tragic kidnapping of her son.) Both parents stressed principle over recognition, and integrity over fame. Though they would all inherit fortunes on their 21st birthdays, the Lindbergh children lived comfortably, but unostentatiously.

Jon, now an oceanographer and deep-sea diver, lives with his wife and children in Seattle. Land Lindbergh owns and runs a large cattle ranch in Montana. Anne Spencer married a Swiss businessman and lives in Paris with her children. The 2 youngest Lindberghs, Scott and Reeve, were educated in England and now live in the U.S. and Europe. They are both married and have children.

When Jon was a young adolescent, he often took out a lobster boat during stormy weather. When his father asked him why, Jon said the lobsters were more plentiful in stormy weather, and that it was more of a challenge at these times. His father replied, "Good reasons, but only a fool goes against the odds consistently. They always catch up with you." The 5 Lindbergh children have remembered this advice.

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