Children of Famous Parents: English Poet Lord Byron

About the children of famous English poet Lord Jones, biography of the kids.


George Gordon, Lord Byron, fathered 2 daughters, one of them illegitimate. His 1st daughter, Augusta Ada, was born in 1815 of his ill-fated marriage to Annabella Milbanke. The Byrons separated almost immediately after Ada's birth, and Byron saw very little of the girl thereafter.

Ada was 15 years old before she found out that her father was a famous poet. As she grew to adulthood, she expressed genuine fondness in her letters to him. She became an accomplished mathematician (just as her mother had been), but apparently she inherited no poetic gifts from her father. She almost bankrupted her husband when she tried to apply her mathematical techniques to racetrack betting. She died at 36, in 1852.

A case of hero worship resulted in the birth of a daughter to Claire Clairmont, who followed Byron to Switzerland and Italy. The child, born in 1817, was variously called Alba (for "Dawn"), Clara, and finally Allegra. Although never legitimized, she was supposed to receive a legacy from her father's estate. But Byron outlived her: She died of a fever in the convent where he had installed her to "get a proper Catholic upbringing," just before her 6th birthday.

Byron, who never saw his own father, was an unsatisfactory parent. His poems were his "children"; they received the love and energy no human could evoke from him.

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