Costs of War Other Ways Defense Budgets Could be Spent

Some dated figures about how money that the government spends on defense could be used for other pursuits.


Since 1958 the U.S. Government has spent over a trillion dollars on war budgets, not including the hundreds of billions for war-connected space flights, veterans' benefits, interest to the bankers on money borrowed for previous wars, etc.

A trillion dollars is a thousand billion, or a million million. It's quite a bit of money. And it's all gone, with not much to show for it except mutilated people and a lot of graves--a trillion dollars dropped down into a giant rat hole.

But just suppose that trillion had been spent for life instead of death, for people instead of profits. What would a thousand billion dollars have bought us?

$450 billion Could supply a new $15,000 home or apartment for half the families in the U.S.

5 billion Could build 2 new $30 million hospitals for each of the 16 biggest cities in the U.S., a $20 million hospital for each of 100 smaller cities, a $2 million clinic for 1,000 different small towns.

20 billion Could be given to cancer research.

10 billion Could be spent to cure 5 or 6 other major diseases.

20 billion Could end the pollution in the Great Lakes.

10 billion Could freshen up every river and stream on the continent.

20 billion Could be used to plant a billion trees along highways, in cities, towns, and in the countryside.

20 billion Could build 1,000 new colleges at $20 million apiece.

80 billion Could fund 4,000,000 new scholarships a year at $2,000 per student.

10 billion Could build 10,000 youth centers at $1 million each.

10 billion Could revive the buffalo herds in the West and grow more grass in order to double the cattle herds and lower the price of milk and beef.

10 billion Could make a dozen oases in the Sahara Desert.

50 billion Could supply 50 million farm families in South America and Asia with gasoline-driven tractors.


$285 billion For defense and other expenses.

TOTAL $1,000,000,000,000

--Based on material by Vince Copeland

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