Dick Gregory's Body Owner Manual Introduction

About the body owner manual written by famous comedian Dick Gregory, introduction on proper care.

The Body Owner's Manual

By Dick Gregory

Most folks go through life as though they truly believed the opening words of that old song: "I ain't got no body!" The average person has no idea of the location of the organs, glands, vessels, nerves, arteries, and other components of the body, to say nothing of a lack of knowledge of their function. And that internal ignorance is probably the best explanation for the kind of "food" most people shove into their bodies.

It is characteristic of the American dream for folks to work very hard to earn enough money or credit to surround themselves with pieces of machinery--a television set, a refrigerator, a dishwasher, a stereo, a clothes washer and dryer, and of course an automobile. But before they've earned a penny, Mother Nature has provided them with the finest mechanism imaginable--their own body. Yet most people appreciate this marvelous piece of equipment the least. . .

This chapter is intended to serve as a brief Body Owner's Manual for the care, keeping, and understanding of that marvelous machine Mother Nature has given to us free of charge. Although everyone will one day have to face that "final recall" of the body machine, the length and quality of service depend upon how well the operational demands of the mechanism are understood and the care it is given.

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