Dictionary of Sexual Terms Defined Abortion to Brothel

A dictionary of sexual terms defined a to b from abortion to brothel and all things in between.

Dictionary of Sex Related Terms

Abortion--technically the spontaneous premature ending of a pregnancy in the 1st 12 weeks. In popular usage, the word refers to the intentional ending of pregnancy and killing of the embryo. Some people, notably members of the Roman Catholic Church, oppose abortion because they consider it to be the murder of a human being. Others say that every woman should be able to end a pregnancy if she so desires.

Adultery--sexual intercourse between 2 people, at least one of whom is married to some-one else.

Anal Intercourse--sexual intercourse by inserting the penis into the rectum (anus). Used mostly though not exclusively by homosexual men. It is said that this is a good technique to help men understand what it is like to be a woman. If done, it must be done very gently with much attention given to cleanliness. Going straight from anal intercourse to vaginal intercourse without washing the penis in between can easily lead to infection.

Aphrodisiac--according to the booklet Herbal Aphrodisiacs (Stone Kingdom, P.O. Box 15304, San Francisco, Calif. 94115) they are "substances which do any one of the following things: produce erections in the male, arouse sexual feeling by stimulation of the genital or nervous system, increase sensual awareness, relax inhibitions, augment physical energy, strengthen the gonads or other glands involved in sex, improve sexual health, increase the production of semen, help conquer impotence and frigidity (bearing in mind that these maladies are frequently of psychological origin), overcome sexual exhaustion, and prevent premature ejaculation." The most effective aphrodisiac is 2 people in love.

Bastard--a derogatory term referring to a child born to a woman who is not married to the father. (See also: Illegitimate child.) In some societies all children are considered equal and valuable and women need not be married to bear them.

Bestiality--sexual intercourse with a nonhuman animal.

Bigamy--illegal polygamy.

Birth Control--preventing pregnancy through use of a contraceptive. (See also: Coitus Interruptus, Condom, Diaphragm, Foam, I.U.D., Pill, Rhythm Method, Spermicide, Sterilization, and Vasectomy.)

Bisexuality--having sexual desire for people of both sexes.

Bondage--tying up a sexual partner to increase dramatic excitement. This technique should only be used by couples who are very familiar with each other.

Brothel--a house of prostitution.

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