Dictionary of Sexual Terms Defined Diaphram to Exhibitionist

A dictionary of sexual terms defined from diaphram to exhibitionist and all things in between.

Dictionary of Sex Related Terms

Diaphram--a shallow cup made of soft rubber which provides maximum safety when filled with spermicide before it is inserted in the vagina to cover the cervix. This device prevents sperm from entering the uterus. A good method of birth control, it has the disadvantage of discouraging spontaneity. On the other hand, it is excellent for having intercourse during a woman's period because it can hold back menstrual flow for up to 12 hours.

Dildo--an artificial penis made of plastic, rubber, or wood.

Double Standard--a moral code in which men are allowed to engage in premarital or extramarital sex, but women are not.

Ejaculation--the sudden ejection of semen from the penis. This can occur during intercourse, masturbation, or a nocturnal emission.

Embryo--medical term for a developing baby during its 1st 3 months in the mother's womb.

Erection--the swelling, hardening, and rising of the penis when it fills with blood, usually, but not always, caused by sexual excitement.

Erogenous Zones--parts of the body which become sexually stimulated when touched. These may vary from person to person and from encounter to encounter, but they usually include the external genital organs, the breasts, nipples, rectum, mouth, and certain areas of the skin such as the neck, ears, or the inside of the thighs. Potentially, the entire human body can be one big erogenous zone.

Erotic--sexually arousing or dealing with sexual love.

Eunuch--a man whose testicles have been removed. In 18th-century Europe eunuchs, or "castratos," were used to sing female parts in operas before women were allowed on the stage. The term also refers to castrated men who guard harems. Today, there are more eunuchs in India than there are Jews in Poland.

Exhibitionist--a man who gains sexual satisfaction from exposing his genitals in public.

Extramarital Intercourse--sexual intercourse with someone other than one's spouse.

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