Dictionary of Sexual Terms Defined Hedonism to Lesbian

A dictionary of sexual terms defined from hedonism to lesbian and all things in between.

Dictionary of Sex Related Terms

Hedonism--a moral code in which pleasure is considered to be the chief good in life.

Hermaphrodite--a person who has both male and female sex organs. An extremely rare occurrence.

Heterosexual--a person who is sexually attracted to someone of the opposite sex.

Homosexual--a person who is sexually attracted to someone of the same sex.

Hooker--a female prostitute.

Horny--having a strong physical desire for sex.

Hymen--a thin fold of mucous membrane that covers the vaginal opening. Because it is broken by the penis during the 1st sexual intercourse, there is a myth that hymenless women can't be virgins. This myth is dying, however, because the hymen can be broken in other ways as well. When the hymen breaks, there is usually a small amount of bleeding.

Illegitimate Child--the child of parents who are not married to each other. "Illegitimate" is an absurd term in that it implies that the child doesn't count or isn't the equal of other human beings.

Impotence--the inability of the male to have an erection. This happens at some time to all men, usually because of fear of putting on a bad performance or because the situation just isn't right. There are physical factors which can cause impotence, such as alcohol, diabetes, obesity, lack of protein, and some drugs. If impotence persists, one suggested remedy is the "squeeze and stuff" technique described in the pamphlet You Can Last Longer, published by the Multi Media Resource Center (540 Powell St., San Francisco, Calif. 94108).

Incest--sexual intercourse between close relatives such as a sister and brother or a parent and child. Incest is considered taboo because the offspring of such unions are more susceptible to hereditary diseases.

Infertility--See: Sterility.

Infidelity--being unfaithful to one's mate by having extramarital intercourse.

Intercourse--See: Sexual Intercourse.

I.U.D.--intrauterine device. (Different types are called coils, loops, and shields.) No one knows how it works, but it is very effective and has been used for centuries in primitive forms. The device is inserted into the uterus by a physician and can be removed when the woman wishes to conceive. Some women are unable to use this method of birth control as it causes much cramping and bleeding, and there is a small percentage of women who do become pregnant while wearing one. But a great many women adjust to the I.U.D. quickly and find it the most convenient birth control method available.

Kiss--to touch or caress with the lips. Kisses range from a platonic peck to passionate French kisses.

Kotex--trade name for an absorbent sanitary pad worn by women to collect the menstrual flow and discharges. There are many other brands, such as Modess.

Labia Majora--the outer lips of the vulva.

Labia Minora--the inner lips of the vulva.

Lesbian--a homosexual woman.

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