Dictionary of Sexual Terms Defined Necking to Ovum

A dictionary of sexual terms defined from necking to ovum and all things in between.

Dictionary of Sex Related Terms

Necking--to engage in kissing, fondling, and caressing. Less intense than petting.

Necrophilia--being erotically attracted to corpses and the sexual activity which may follow that attraction.

Nocturnal Emission--ejaculation of semen during sleep as a result of an erotic dream. Also known as a wet dream.

Nuclear Family--a social unit consisting of one or 2 parents and at least one child, but no one else, as opposed to an extended family in which the unit includes other relatives and in some cases nonrelatives.

Nymphomaniac--a controversial term referring to a woman who has a constant desire for sexual gratification. There are those who say the term was invented by men to describe women whose sex drive is as vigorous as the male's.

Oedipus Complex--positive sexual feelings that develop in a young child for the parent of the opposite sex and which cause the child to become jealous and hostile toward the parent of the same sex. In the case of a girl, it is called an Electra complex.

Oral Intercourse--sexual intercourse involving the mouth of one person and the genitals of another. (See: Cunnilingus and Fellatio.)

Orgasm--the climax of sexual excitement. Usually characterized by some degree of ecstasy, followed by satisfaction and relaxation. Orgasm certainly ranks as one of the best things that life has to offer, but some people become so obsessed by it that they fail to appreciate the other aspects of lovemaking. Simultaneous orgasm is nice, but not necessary. In the male, orgasm is accompanied by the ejaculation of semen.

Ovaries--2 organs about the size of unshelled almonds, located on either side and somewhat behind the uterus. They produce hormones and they produce eggs, usually one a month, which travel out through the Fallopian tubes toward the uterus.

Ovulation--the process by which a ripe egg or ovum is released from the ovaries. If the egg is not fertilized by a sperm cell, it disintegrates and is excreted, usually before menstruation.

Ovum (pl. Ova)--egg produced in the ovaries. The average ovum is 1/200 of an inch in diameter.

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