Dictionary of Sexual Terms Defined Paternity Suit to Puberty

A dictionary of sexual terms defined from paternity suit to puberty and all things in between.

Dictionary of Sex Related Terms

Paternity Suit--a legal suit filed against a man who is accused of being the father of an illegitimate child, usually in order to gain financial support for the child.

Patriarchy--a societal structure in which all important decisions are made by men and inheritance and descent are through the male line.

Pederasty--a sexual relationship between an adult man and an adolescent male.

Pedophiliac--a person who is sexually attracted only to children.

Peeping Tom--See: Voyeur.

Penis--the male sex organ. Comes in various shapes and sizes, but this has no bearing on sexual ability. It is made up of a long, retractable shaft and a head or glans, the underside of which is particularly sensitive to sexual stimulation. When erect, the penis can be inserted in the vagina in order to engage in coitus. The urethra opening at the end of the glans allows the release of both semen and urine. Penises have a foreskin which is often removed or circumcized.


Petting--more intimate than necking, it usually includes caressing and fondling of a partner's genitals and other erogenous areas, but stop before coitus. Very popular among young people who are hesitant to go "all the way."

Phallus--the penis, particularly the erect penis.

Pill--a birth control pill which prevents eggs from developing. A very effective means of birth control if you don't forget to take it. One pill is taken each day for 21 or 22 days out of a 28-day cycle. Some women experience unpleasant side effects. The pill is available by prescription only because there are certain elements of risk involved for women susceptible to such things as blood clots or cancer.

Pimp--a man who finds customers for a female prostitute and usually takes a large portion of her earnings.

Placenta--the organ which unites the fetus to the mother's uterus and acts as a clearinghouse for any materials that pass between the 2. The placenta is expelled after birth.

Platonic Love--deep love and affection between 2 people without sexual desire.

Polygamy--marriage between more than 2 people. If a woman has more than one husband, it is called polyandry. If a man has more than one wife, it is called polygyny.

Pornography--a vague term pertaining to a written or visual portrayal of the sex act which is intended to provoke sexual excitement.

Premarital Intercourse--sexual intercourse before marriage.

Premature Ejaculation--occurs when a man reaches orgasm before he and his partner want him to. Basically the result of anxiety or overexcitement due to infrequent intercourse. Two possible remedies are practicing lasting a long time while masturbating, and the "squeeze" technique as described in the booklet You Can Last Longer or in the Masters and Johnson books. (See also: Impotence.)

Promiscuity--engaging in "casual" sexual intercourse without discrimination in the choice of partners. The term is often used to impose a negative judgment on someone who is having a sexual relationship with several partners.

Prophylactic--the medical term for condoms, used often as protection against venereal disease.

Prostitute--a person, either male or female, who engages in sexual intercourse for payment.

Puberty--the time in life during which the genitals become capable of reproduction. Other changes occur as well, such as the growth of body hair and breasts. After puberty comes a sometimes painful period called adolescence during which the individual is physically ready for sexual intercourse, but is denied it by cultural or religious restrictions.

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