Dictionary of Sexual Terms Defined The Letter C

A dictionary of sexual terms defined for the letter c from call girl to cuckold and all things in between.

Dictionary of Sex Related Terms

Call Girl--a female prostitute who may be contacted by telephone when a male customer wishes her to visit him.

Castration--removal or loss of the testicles in men or the ovaries in women. Castration does not necessarily eliminate the sex drive.

Celibacy--abstention from sexual intercourse and/or living without a mate. Many religious orders practice celibacy in order to concentrate their spiritual energies better. Other people choose to experience periods of celibacy when they want to take a break from the problems and power struggles of sexual relationships.

Cervix--the narrow lower or outer end of the uterus.

Chastity--purity in thought and actions. A chaste person does not engage in illegal sexual intercourse.

Chastity Belt--a medieval device worn by women to prevent sexual intercourse, an unfortunate indicator of the relationship between men and women during certain periods. Popular history has it that a husband who was going off to war would lock his wife in a chastity belt and take the key with him, thus preventing the woman from committing adultery with anyone other than a locksmith. However, they were also used by women to prevent rape.

Circumcision--surgical removal of the foreskin from the penis. There is no conclusive evidence that this has either positive or negative effects on sexual performance and/or health.

Clap--See: Gonorrhea.

Clitoris--a small organ (1/5" to 1" in length) that plays a most important role in female pleasure and orgasm. Like the male penis, it is composed of a shaft and glans, and it has a similar sensitivity. It is located within the upper folds of the inner lips of the genitals, with the tip protruding from beneath a hood. When aroused, the clitoris, which is thick with nerve endings, fills with blood and becomes erect.

Cohabitation--the state of living together as a couple with or without being married.

Coitus--sexual intercourse during which the male inserts his penis into the female's vagina. The most common form of sexual intercourse, it can be done in many positions.

Coitus Interruptus--coitus in which the man withdraws his penis from the woman's vagina before ejaculation. A common form of birth control which is often ineffective because small amounts of sperm may escape before ejaculation, so that some sperm cells may make contact with the vulva and work their way inside. Another drawback is that the couple cannot let their sexual drive achieve full expression.

Conception--the formation of a potential human being. It occurs when a sperm and an ovum meet in the uterus or one of the Fallopian tubes and join to become an embryo.

Condom--a thin rubber "glove" that fits over the penis to prevent sperm from entering the vagina. This can be an effective method of birth control providing the sperm remains inside the condom, and the condom doesn't fall off when the penis relaxes after ejaculation.

Contraception--methods and materials aimed at avoiding pregnancy. (See also: Birth Control.)

Coprophile--someone who gains sexual satisfaction from playing with excrement.

Copulation--a sexual union. (See also: Coitus.)

Cuckold--a man whose wife commits adultery.

Cunnilingus--oral stimulation of the clitoris or vulva. Many women find it easier to reach orgasm this way than through coitus.

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