Discussion on Utopias - Current Limitations

A panel of thinkers responses to questions about their utopian society, in this case what the current limitations for society are.

The Almanac's Exclusive Symposium on Utopia

Why isn't life like this now?

FULLER: We are basically ignorant, still governed by old reflexes. We are capable of generating the plenty needed to give every person on earth a high standard of living, yet our competitive systems keep this standard in the hands of a few. Technologically, our old political, religious, and economic systems are obsolete, yet we cling to them. Our whole system of "rationality" needs revision.

HALL: Too many people with too many differences fighting for their just place in the sun--but always at the expense of someone else.


KITT: We have been so caught up in material things that we have allowed real love to die. A tight family unity should be exercised on a personal level and in society at large.

LENNON: Isn't it?

SPOCK: Industry is unable to see anything beyond profits, and government is the servant of industry.

WALLACE: The power of private enterprise and state tyranny makes it impossible at present. The worship of individual leaders makes it impossible. Above all, the education and goals given people make it impossible.

WALLECHINSKY: Too many people want to get ahead of everyone else and too few people realize that we are all in this together and might as well learn the joys of cooperation.

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