Discussion on Utopias - Family Structure

A panel of thinkers responses to questions about their utopian society, in this case what the family structure would be like.

The Almanac's Exclusive Symposium on Utopia

2. What family structures would exist?

FULLER: The basic family structure would remain intact but it would not be so insular. Since people would interact freely without inhibitions, their children would be exposed to many diverse individuals and spend much time away from the family without difficulty. The roles of husband and wife would be limitless, without personal strictures. Members of the family--individuals in general--would no longer "belong" to each other.

HALL: Mothers, fathers, grandparents, grandchildren. Two children to a family, living close to each other.

JOHNSTON: Compatible gangs.

KITT: Two children per family. Every family should have a place to grow food.


MORRIS: It is impossible to detail the features of utopia as requested because the essential utopian quality is diversity, variability, and unpredictability. If I can tell you what kind of weather, families, crimes, government, etc., there would be, then already that is a utopia I want to escape from.

SPOCK: Essentially the same as now, but with less tension. More diffusion with the neighborhood.

WALLACE: Couples, the married and unmarried treated equally under law. All community children raised as brothers and sisters. Limitations on family size.

WALLECHINSKY: Any and all.

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