Discussion on Utopias - Government and Political Organization

A panel of thinkers responses to questions about their utopian society, in this case what the political and government organization would be like.

The Almanac's Exclusive Symposium on Utopia

How would the government be organized?

FULLER: What government?

HALL: Kibbutz style as in Israel. Everyone doing what he does best, and no need to receive rewards greater than the next.

JOHNSTON: By sparrows and patient bulls.

KITT: Have suggestion boxes placed every 20 or so blocks to get people's opinions freely in regard to their gripes and desires. Nonopinionated officers should be put in office to carry them out.

LENNON: Toss a coin.

SPOCK: Most governmental functions such as police, schools, health facilities and industry divided into small neighborhood units controlled by the workers and citizens of neighborhood.

WALLACE: Country would be ruled by a council, selected not by election but by tests as to fitness. Everyone would be taught government, and everyone would be eligible for the ruling council. Term of the council might be 2 years.

WALLECHINSKY: Regional councils made up of recallable delegates from neighborhoods and work places would carry out decisions made at mass meetings and by general assemblies. Delegates from regional councils could gather for further coordination. On every level, the people on top would have no authority to make decisions, only to carry them out.

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