Discussion on Utopias - Other Comments

A panel of thinkers responses to questions about their utopian society, in this case any miscellaneous or other comments.

The Almanac's Exclusive Symposium on Utopia

Any other comments?

HALL: There'll never be a utopia until all differences are submerged--all are treated equally--all love each other. But you said utopia, didn't you, and not any existing country we now know!

KITT: When a person works hard to obtain a fair share of "the pie," he should be rewarded instead of punished by high taxes which make him become a thief to reward himself.


MORRIS: The real world in which I live is already sufficiently curious, rebellious, eccentric, and evolving to give me my utopia right here and now. By spending half my time in a sleepy Mediterranean village and half in a busy British city, I literally get the best of both worlds. My crime would be not to recognize that I already live in a utopian state; and my greatest punishment would be to be confined in the classic conception of a utopia, where nothing ever goes wrong and everyone is permanently, boringly happy.

WALLACE: As you know, "utopia" means "nowhere." Utopia can exist nowhere for everyone because it is a personal, subjective idea or dream for each individual. What may be utopia for me may be hell for you. The best we can do is compromise to get along with our fellow humans, and strive for a better world free of tyranny, injustice, war, and want.

WALLECHINSKY: It's not worth it unless it's fun.

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