Doctor of Death Thomas Neill Cream Part 1

About the doctor of death Thomas Neill Cream who murdered a number of women in the late 19th century in Chicago.


(active 1878 to 1892)

The 1st Murders: In 1878, a chambermaid, Kate Gardner, was found dead behind a doctor's office in Montreal with a bottle of chloroform beside her. The police decided that she had committed suicide.

Two years later, in Chicago, Julia Faulkner died on an abortionist's operating table. The police brought a murder charge against the abortionist, but he escaped conviction.

The following year, a Miss Stack died from medicine prescribed by the same doctor that had performed the abortion on Julia Faulkner.

Soon after, the husband of the doctor's mistress, Julia Stott, died of what were 1st thought to be natural causes.

The 1st hunt: The doctor, Thomas Neill Cream, was picked up by the Chicago police in 1880 and charged with the murder of Julia Faulkner. The prosecution failed to convict him.

Cream himself offered the city a 2nd chance at prosecution. He said that Mr. Stott's death was not natural and wrote a threatening letter to the chemist who supplied Stott's medicine, accusing him of putting too much strychnine in it. He demanded that Stott's body be exhumed. It was, and when, at his trial, Julia Stott turned state's evidence against her lover, Cream was convicted of murder in the 2nd degree and sent to jail. He spent 10 years there, then was released. Soon after, his father died, leaving him a sizable estate.

The Next Murders: In 1891, Ellen Donworth, a 19-year-old prostitute in London (where Cream had moved), received a letter from a certain "H.M.D." that warned her she was about to be poisoned by Frederick Smith, of W. H. Smith and Son. Soon after, she got a 2nd letter, repeating the warning and asking her to meet the writer at the York Hotel. She did and it wasn't long before she was writhing in agony. She died on her way to the hospital, but before drawing her last breath, she said, "A tall gentleman with cross-eyes, silk hat, and bushy whiskers gave me a drink twice out of a bottle.... There was white stuff in it."

A week later, prostitute Matilda Clover died under similar circumstances.

On April 11, 1892, strychnine poisoning took the lives of 2 more prostitutes--Alice Marsh and Emma Shrivell. Alice died right away, but Emma lived for 6 hours after she reached the hospital. She told a Constable Crumley, who had seen the murderer leave the house, that she had entertained a doctor called Fred. She, Alice, and Fred had downed some canned salmon and beer, and Fred had given the girls 3 long pills which he said would be good for them.

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