Educational Stories: Think for Yourself Part 2

An educational story about a disciple who cannot think without his master, his encounter with an elephant and the importance of understanding.


Having decided that his master would have stayed his ground, trusting upon God for safety, what could he do but stay too?

The mahout, seeing him still in the path, screamed to him, "If you value your life, get out of the way!"

The animal, who had been goaded almost beyond bearing, in order to make him hurry, could not now be easily restrained, and as soon as he was within reach, picked up the unhappy disciple and waving him thrice aloft, flung him away.

But for the bushes breaking his fall, it is likely that he would have been killed upon the spot. As it was, he was dreadfully bruised.

When he failed to arrive with the others at the hermit's abode, a party set out to search for him, and finding him quite helpless, they made a litter of branches and carried him to the hermit.

After many remedies had been tried, he was sufficiently recovered to understand what they were saying to him.

"Why did you not heed the mahout's warning," they asked. "Surely he knew the creature's ways better than you possibly could."

Chakrapal paused in his moaning to reply, "Our master Charu has said that God is in all living things. Furthermore, he has taught us that God always brings good and never brings evil. I felt, therefore, that I was safe in His hands, saying that God, in the great elephant, would not bring evil to me."

Hearing this explanation, they all roared with laughter. "You foolish fellow!" exclaimed one of them at last. "Was not God in the mahout too? And did he not warn you plainly enough? What must we think of one who is foolish enough to imagine that God never speaks through man whom He has made in His own image, but chooses to speak through an enraged elephant?"

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