Egyptian Creation Story and Myth Part 1

About the Egyptian creation story, the myth and tradition about the origins and history of world and earth created by Ra.


Before the land of Egypt rose out of the waters at the beginning of the world, Ra the Shining One came into being. He was allpowerful, and the secret of his power lay in his Name which was hidden from all the world. Having this power, he had only to name a thing, and that thing too came into being.

"I am Khepera at the dawn, and Ra at noon, and Tum in the evening," he said--and as he said it, behold, he was the sun rising in the east, passing across the sky and setting in the west. And this was the 1st day of the world.

When he named Shu, the wind blew. The rain fell when he named Tefnut the spitter. After this he spoke the name of Geb, and the earth rose above the waters of the sea. He cried, "Nut!"--and that goddess was the arch of the sky stretching over the earth with her feet on one horizon and her hands on the other. Then he named Hapi, and the sacred River Nile flowed through Egypt to make it fruitful.

Then Ra went on to name all the things on earth, which grew into being at his words. Last of all he spoke the words for "Man" and "Woman," and soon there were people dwelling throughout the land of Egypt.

After this Ra himself took on the shape of a man and became the 1st Pharaoh of Egypt. For thousands of years he reigned over the land, and there was peace and plenty . . . and ever afterwards the Egyptians spoke of the good things "which happened in the time of Ra."

At last, however, even Ra grew old: for it was decreed that no man should live for ever, and he had made himself a man to rule over Egypt. . . .

Presently . . . Apophis (the Dragon of Evil) entered into the souls of the people of Egypt and many of them rebelled against Ra and did evil in his sight, worshiping the Dragon of Darkness instead of the Eye of Day.

Ra perceived these things and the plots which the evil among men were preparing against his divine majesty. Then he spoke to his attendants, saying, "Gather together the high gods who are my court. Summon Shu and Tefnut, bid Geb and Nut hasten to the council hall--send even for Nun, the spirit of the waters out of which I arose at the beginning of the world. Gather them secretly; let not the evil among men know that I am aware of their doings. . . ."

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