Emergency Natural Childbirth: 3 Stages of Labor Stage 2 Care of the Baby

About the second of three stages of emergency natural childbirth and labor, care of the baby, tips and advice on what to do.

Emergency Childbirth

Care of the Baby. After the child is born, wrap a fold of towel around his ankles to prevent slipping and hold him up by the heels with one hand, taking care that the cord is kept slack (if still attached) and there is no tension on either end. To get a good, safe grip, insert one finger between the baby's ankles. Do not swing or spank the baby. Hold him over the bed so that he cannot fall very far if he should slip from the grasp; the baby's body will be very slippery. Place the other hand under the child's forehead and bend its head back slightly so that the fluid and mucus can run out of its mouth. With a piece of gauze, wipe the mouth free of mucus and cleanse the nostrils. Pull the tongue forward by grasping it top and bottom and pulling it out to the lower lip. These operations should be done in all deliveries, whether the child breathes spontaneously or not.

The child is now on his own and should be able to start to breathe; he will usually cry within the 1st minute. At most emergency deliveries the child will cry spontaneously. If he does not cry or breathe within 2 or 3 minutes, gently compress his chest with the fingers. Spanking the buttocks or rubbing the infant's back is seldom effective. Mouth-to-mouth artificial respiration may be resorted to if other measures are not effective. Very little force should be used while blowing air into the baby's mouth; form a seal over both the baby's mouth and nose. A short puff of breath every 5 seconds is enough. As soon as the child starts to breathe or cry, artificial respiration should be stopped. ...

Wrap the baby warmly and lay him on his left side across the mother's abdomen, beside the mother, or between her legs. Both baby and mother must be kept warm. Tears of the mother's vagina will not cause serious bleeding. There is generally no reason to cut the umbilical cord unless medical attention is considerably delayed.

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