Emergency Natural Childbirth: What to Do and Preparation

About emergency natural childbirth, tips on what to do, supplies, and preparation.

Emergency Childbirth


1. Nature is the best helper. Childbirth is a very natural act.

2. At 1st signs of labor assign the best qualified person to remain with the mother.

3. Be calm; reassure the mother.

4. Place the mother and the attendant in the most protected place . . . .


The mother will need a clean surface to lie on. Her bed should be so arranged that the mattress is well protected by waterproof sheeting or pads made from several thicknesses of paper covered with cloth. Cover these protective materials with a bed sheet or towels.

Supplies for emergency delivery and aftercare of mother and child should ... consist of the following:

1. One-yard square of outing flannel, hemmed (receiving blanket).

2. Towels or sheets.

3. One or 2 diapers.

4. Four sanitary napkins (wrapped).

5. Rubber gloves.

6. Small pair of scissors or a safety razor blade with a guard on one side.

7. Pieces of white cotton tape, 1/2" wide and 9" long.

8. Roll of 3" gauze bandage.

9. Gauze compresses, 4"x4" size.

10. Safety pins.

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