English Spy and American Traitor Benedict Arnold

About the Revolutionary War hero turned American traitor Benedict Arnold who worked as a spy For the English.

Benedict Arnold. American. Worked for: England, Revolutionary War.

Arnold's bravery in battles in the northern Colonies and Canada gained him the rank of major general in George Washington's army. In 1778, he went to Philadelphia to take charge of American troops. Pennsylvania's supreme executive council, critical of his private behavior, referred his misconduct to Congress. When 4 of 8 charges brought against him were dropped, Arnold demanded a court-martial to vindicate himself on the remaining counts. The court-martial condemned him on only one charge--the misappropriation of army wagons. Arnold became commander of West Point but did not receive a promotion which he had expected. With the help of Maj. John Andre, he conspired to surrender West Point to the British for pound 20,000. In 1780, however, Andre was captured and the plot was revealed, but Arnold managed to escape. He then fought as an officer in the British Army, and after the war became a successful businessman. Arnold died, alone and forgotten, in London in 1801.

In 1973, Dr. Vincent A. Lindner, a history buff from New Jersey, brought Benedict Arnold's case before the Army Board for Correction of Military Records. Lindner claimed that insufficient evidence had convicted Arnold in the Philadelphia court-martial. The board members, however, concluded that the new evidence presented did not raise a reasonable doubt of Arnold's guilt, and they unanimously refused to clear him.

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