Family Reference Books: Gale Research Co. and Museum Guide Part 1

About the family books Gale Research Co. Reference Books, an example of one of their titels Museum Media with a list of popular museums.


Gale Research is one of the largest American publishers of reference books. Their thorough volumes, of great variety, are best known in public libraries, where they are usually stocked. The general reader, wishing to purchase their books, is advised to write them for their catalogue: Gale Research Co., Book Tower, Detroit, Mich. 48226. In order to acquaint you with their publications, we have selected one typical book from their list of publications and have taken sample extracts from it. This is a 455-page volume entitled, Museum Media, and it fulfills a unique need. Normally, if you want to acquire a one-volume reference book on any subject--pesticides, bird decoys, kiteflying--you go to your neighborhood bookstore to buy a book published by a trade or text publisher. However, many people are unaware that among the biggest or best publishers in the U.S. are museums, galleries, art institutes. In Museum Media, Gale Research has listed 732 U.S. and Canadian institutions that sell books, pamphlets, catalogues, slides, film, and gives the titles and prices of what is for sale to the public. Now then, for a very brief sampling from this unusual volume:

Museum Media

Alaska National Parks and Monuments Association

334 West 5th Avenue, Suite 250

Anchorage, Alaska 99501

For Sale:

Backpacking--Rethmel, 100 pp., illus., $3.90 Field Guide to Animal Tracks--Adolph Murie, 374 pp., illus., $6.15

Mammals of Mount McKinley--Adolph Murie, 1962, 56 pp., illus., $.85

American Numismatic Society

Broadway at 155th Street

New York, N.Y. 10032

For Sale:

Barbarians on Roman Imperial Coins and Sculpture--Annalina Calo Levi, 1952, 56 pp., 17 illus., $3.50

Counterfeiting in Colonial Pennsylvania--Kenneth Scott, 1955, 168 pp., $4.00

Rare Islamic Coins--George C. Miles, 1950, 139 pp., 10 illus., $5.00

B'nai B'rith Museum

1640 Rhode Island Avenue, N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20036

For Sale:

Great Jewish Thinkers of the 20th Century--edited by A. Millgram, $2.95

Lincoln and the Jews--R. Shosteck, 1968, 16 pp., $.50

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising--77 slides with script, $10.00 rental

Canadian Film Institute

1762 Carling Avenue

Ottawa, Ont., Canada

For Sale:

Canadian Women Film-Makers: An Interim Filmography--1972, 20 pp., $1.00

The Cinema of Roman Polanski--Ivan Butler, 192 pp., 120 illus., $2.75

Horror in the Cinema--Ivan Butler, 208 pp., 65 illus., $2.75

Daughters of Utah Pioneers

300 North Main

Salt Lake City, Utah 84103

For Sale:

Brigham Young, His Twenty-Seven Wives and Families--$1.00

The Great Mormon Tabernacle--$1.00

Mormons, Their Westward Trek--$.50

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