Family Reference Books: Gale Research Co. and Museum Guide Part 2

About the family books Gale Research Co. Reference Books, an example of one of their titels Museum Media with a list of popular museums.


Field Museum of Natural History

Roosevelt Road at Lake Shore Drive

Chicago, Ill. 60605

For Sale:

The Authentic Letters of Columbus--W.E. Curtis, 1895, 106 pp., 19 illus., $3.50

The Birds of Eastern North America--C. B. Cory, 1899, Part 1, 142 pp., 480 illus., $5.00; Part 2, 257 pp., 611 illus., $8.00

The Civilization of the Mayas--J. Eric S. Thompson, 1958, 98 pp., 36 illus., one map. $2.00

Honolulu Academy of Arts

900 South Beretania Street

Honolulu, Hawaii 96814

For Sale:

The Barbara Hutton Collection of Chinese Porcelain--foreword by Robert P. Griffing, Jr., 1965, 33 pp., 36 illus., $2.50

The Cubist Epoch--55 min. film

Le Corbusier--55 min. film

Library of Congress

10 First Street, S.E.

Washington, D.C. 20540

For Sale:

Carl Sandburg: A Lecture--Mark Van Doren, 1969, 83 pp., $.50, Superintendent of Documents

A Directory of Information Resources in the U.S.: Federal Government--1967, 411 pp., $2.75, Superintendents of Documents

The Giant Bible of Mainz--Dorothy Eugenia Miner, 1952, 31 pp., Free

Navajo Tribal Museum

P. O. Box 797

Window Rock, Ariz. 86515

For Sale:

Bai-A-Lil-Le--Medicine Man or Witch?--J. Lee Correll, 1970, 57 pp., illus. and map, $1.00

Motorist Guide to the Navajo Indian Reservation--Mary MacFarlane, 1960, 44 pp., illus. and map, $1.00

The Story of the Navajo Treaties with Texts in English--David M. Brugge and J. Lee Correll, 1971, 98 pp., $1.00

O. Henry House

600 Lone Star Boulevard

San Antonio, Tex. 18212

For Sale:

O. Henry Almanac--edited by Fritz A. Toepperwein, 40 pp., illus., $1.00

The Rolling Stone--1895 newspaper, $.50

St. Louis Medical Museum and National Museum of Medical Quackery

3839 Lindell Boulevard

St. Louis, Mo. 63108

For Sale:

The AMA and the FDA Publication of "Facts on Quacks"--1968, 36 pp., 12 illus., free

Uncle Tom's Cabin Museum

R.R. #5

Dresden, Ont., Canada

For Sale:

The Story of Uncle Tom--W. Chapple, 8 pp., 2 illus., $.50

Uncle Tom's Cabin--Harriet Beecher Stowe, 450 pp., $3.75, paper $1.50

Washington Crossing Foundation

Box 1976

Washington Crossing, Pa. 18977

For Sale:

George Washington Crossed Here--Ann H. Hutton, 1948 (now in 11th edition), 72 pp., 5 illus., $1.25 plus postage

How to Survive as a Prisoner of War--Samuel A. Newman, 1969, 183 pp., 5 illus., $4.95 plus postage

Washington Crossing the Delaware--16-mm. film, 28 min., color, $225 or rental fee.

Zion Historical Society

P. O. Box 333

Zion, Ill. 60099

For Sale:

Zion City, Illinois, John Alexander Dowie's Theocracy--Philip L. Cook, 1970, 20 pp., illus., $1.00

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