Famous Alcoholics Introduction

About some famous alcoholics, history and definition of the disease, some notable victims.

Some Famous Alcoholics

Alcoholism is a progressive disease which, unless arrested by total abstinence, inevitably leads to deterioration of the victim's health and ability to function. The American Medical Association's "conservative" estimate of the number of alcoholics in the U.S. today is 9 million. The disease is no respecter of age, sex, or occupation; its victims have included performers Dana Andrews*, W. C. Fields, Dick Van Dyke*, Lillian Roth, Janis Joplin, Edith Piaf, and Laurette Taylor; political figures such as senators Howard Hughes* and Russell Long*; athletes George Gipp and Jim Thorpe; and a host of writers to whose work alcoholism has often added a sad final chapter. *"Arrested" or nonpracticing alcoholics.

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