Famous and Bizarre Last Wills and Testaments of Kings and Queens

Some famous and bizarre last wills and testaments of kings including Henry VIII, William the Conqueror, and Peter the Great.

William the Conqueror British King Died: 1087

Last Will: Distributed large sums of money, dictating the names and amounts to his secretaries. Some beneficiaries: his 3rd son, King Henry I, pound 5,000, in silver; the Nantes clergymen, a sum to repay them for burning the town.

Henry VIII British King Died: 1547

Last Will: The much-married monarch humbly noted, in a last testament of just under 7,000 words, that he would not have objected if his cadaver had been buried "in any place accustomed for Christian folke." However, he went on, "because we would be lothe in the reputation of the people to do injurie to the dignitie which we unworthilie are called unto," a better choice would be at Windsor, "midwaye betweene the Stalles and the high aulter." By his side, he wanted Queen Jane Seymour, mother of his son, Edward VI, indicating that Jane, of his 6 wives, was his favorite.

Peter The Great Russian Czar Died: 1725

Last Will: Advising his ministers to keep Russia continually at war for the good of the nation, Peter wrote out a complete plan of strategy for a Russian conquest of Europe.

Caroline of Brunswick British Queen Died: 1821

Last Will: Married to King George IV, who had unsuccessfully accused her of infidelity in seeking to have their marriage dissolved, she added a codicil to her will that called for a plaque to be attached to her coffin. It gave the vital statistics and added her indignant response to his charge: She was billed as "The Outraged Queen of England."

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