Famous Automobiles: 1957 Chevrolet or The '57 Chevy Part 2

About famous automobiles specifically the history and information the 1957 Chevrolet or '57 Chevy.


Malowick and associates knew that Chevrolet, which held all legal rights to the design, would not consent to the manufacture of '57 Chevies to compete with their '58s and subsequent models. Perhaps GM was aware, as Malowick now contends, that subsequent models could never compete with the '57 for purity of design. Because of legal restrictions, the post-1957 new '57 Chevies built by Malowick were sold as remarkably well-preserved used cars in car lots across the U.S.

In the sale of these cars, Molowick enjoyed the clandestine cooperation of countless used-car merchants throughout the nation who were in sympathy with his cause. Certainly, used car dealers sought Malowick's creations with a fervor they have not displayed for any other American vehicle before or since.

Malowick was able to survive financially by his relatively high wholesale price, and a low overhead provided in part by engines and chassis pirated from Chrysler warehouses in northern Illinois (accounting partially for Chrysler's bewildering stock nose dive during and immediately after their "Forward Look" phase), and from sales to special collectors and customizers, mostly in California, who were willing to pay anything for a '57 Chevy in good condition.

By far Malowick's most successful model was, of course, the 2-door Bel Air with the metallic plum paint, many of which can be seen on the streets of most American cities today.

In 1967, Malowick was forced to close down shop because of rising costs and the rumors that General Motors was wise to his operation and was preparing legal action.

Malowick has since gone into the business of manufacturing denim boots and book bags, but he is considering another automobile operation if he can locate favorable factory conditions, possibly in Germany. There is a rumor that the giant Volkswagen Corporation, which has thought about opening a factory in the U.S., has made overtures to Malowick regarding the 1973 Buick Riviera, another classic of American design.

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