Famous Left-Handed People

A list of famous left-handed people including actors, singers, presidents, and athletes.

Famous Left-Handed People

1. Harpo Marx. Harpist, stage and screen comedian.

2. Charlie Chaplin. Screen actor, director, musician, artist.

3. Judy Garland. Actress, singer.

4. Leonardo da Vinci. Artist, writer, inventor.

5. Paul McCartney. Composer, musician, singer.

6. Jack the Ripper. Murderer.

7. Babe Ruth. Baseball player.

8. Harry S Truman. Politician, U.S. President.

9. Betty Grable. Screen actress.

10. George II of England. King.

11. Cole Porter. Composer.

12. Kim Novak. Screen actress.

13. Mandy Rice-Davies. Ex-call girl.

14. Ronald Searle. Satirical cartoonist.

15. Rex Harrison. Screen actor.

16. Gerald Ford. U.S. President.

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