Famous Suicides Adolf Hitler

About the famous Nazi Germany leader Adolf Hitler, biography and history of the suicide.

ADOLF HITLER (1889-1945)

Life: As German head of state, Hitler thought himself to be a Messiah whose goal was to "redeem the German people and reshape Europe." As a youth, he failed in his attempts to become an artist, an architect, a Benedictine abbot. He joined the Army, then was so devastated by Germany's defeat in W.W. I that he suffered from "hysterical blindness and mutism." While recuperating in the hospital, he had a "vision" that he would lead Germany out of bondage. The postwar German Army commissioned Hitler to teach political philosophy to the soldiers. His rise to Chancellor of Germany took him 12 years. A master of persuasive techniques, he said that he "learned the use of terror from the Communists, the use of slogans from the Catholic Church, and the use of propaganda from the democracies." He ordered the massacre of 6 million Jews, but worried about "the most humane way to cook lobsters."

Death: At the time of his death, Hitler may have been suffering from brain damage. Also, he took numerous vitamins and medications, including weight-reducing pills, sleeping pills, and other drugs. Faced with defeat in W.W. II, he elected to kill himself. He and his then-mistress, Eva Braun, retired to the air-raid shelter of the Chancellery in Berlin where he swallowed cyanide capsules. Hitler had ordered his new bride to shoot him, in case the poison was not effective. Although the cyanide was adequate, Eva Braun shot him in the left temple and then poisoned herself.

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