Famous Suicides Prince Fumimaro Konoye

About the famous Japanese foreign minister Prince Fumimaro Konoye, biography and history of the suicide.


Life: Former Premier and Foreign Minister of Japan, Konoye argued against war in the months preceding the Japanese invasion of Pearl Harbor. Following the Japanese surrender which ended W.W. II, Konoye considered suicide out of fear that he would be listed as a war criminal. For a few months he waited, hoping that his antiwar sentiments would be considered. Also, there had been some speculation that he would be chosen to write a new constitution for Japan. Finally, his name did appear on the list of war criminals issued by General Douglas MacArthur in December, 1945. Konoye was informed that he would be taken prisoner in 24 hours.

Death: Konoye hosted a dinner party for his friends on the same day that he received news of his pending capture. Following the party, he went to his bedroom and took poison.

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