Famous Suicides Vladimir Mayakovski

About the famous Russian writer and poet Vladimir Mayakovski, biography and history of the suicide.


Life: Russian poet and playwright, spokesman for the Revolution, Mayakovski was imprisoned several times for his outspoken social and political criticism. After the Revolution, he tried to create "an art that will pull the republic out of the mud." His poems include "150 Million" and "A Cloud in Trousers"; his plays include The Bedbug and The Bathhouse.

Death: Mayakovski believed that his political philosophy was ruining the quality of his work. Distressed by personal strife and by criticism from his literary adversaries, he shot himself. The note he left behind said, "I don't recommend it for others." Boris Pasternak wrote of Mayakovski's suicide, "It seems to me that Mayakovski shot himself out of pride, because he condemned something in himself, or close to him, to which his self-respect could not submit."

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