FBI Most Wanted Fugitives List: The Worst Criminals of 1950

About the worst criminals in America in 1950 according to the FBI most wanted fugitives list including Henry Randolph Mitchell and William Raymond Nesbit.

The FBI's All-Time Ten Most Wanted Fugitives List

Most Wanted, 1950

HENRY RANDOLPH MITCHELL. Crime: Wanted in connection with a Florida bank robbery. Conclusion: Mitchell was never apprehended and the Federal warrant against him was dismissed July 18, 1958. He was the last of the original Ten Most Wanted to be removed from the list.

WILLIAM RAYMOND NESBIT. Crime: Wanted for a $37,000 jewel robbery and the murder of his partner, who he allegedly blew up in a powder shack with 3,500 lbs. of dynamite and 7,000 lbs. of black powder. The blast reportedly broke windows 5 mi. away. Conclusion: Nesbit went to prison for murder, but escaped. He holed up in a cave beside the Mississippi River in St. Paul, but was nabbed after some neighborhood boys recognized his "wanted" picture in a newspaper.

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