FBI Most Wanted Fugitives List: The Worst Criminals of 1962

About the worst criminals in America in 1962 according to the FBI most wanted fugitives list including Bobby Randell Wilcoxsin and Albert Frederick Nussbaum.

Most Wanted, 1962

BOBBY RANDELL WILCOXSON and ALBERT FREDERICK NUSSBAUM. Crime: Wanted for murder and multiple bank robberies and bombing incidents in Washington, D.C. Conclusion: This pair caused one of the FBI's greatest manhunts. Nussbaum was seized early in November after a high-speed chase through rain-slicked Buffalo streets. He was craftily disguised and armed with a rifle and 2 hand grenades. Wilcoxson was arrested less than a week later after emerging from a Baltimore, Md., hideout with a girl friend. Intense media publicity and the cooperation of relatives led to their capture.

FRANCIS LAVERNE BRANNAN. Crime: Sought for the shotgun slaying of an elderly Illinois widow. Conclusion: Brannan called in desperation to the Miami FBI office for agents to "Come and get me, I'm tired of running."

WATSON YOUNG, JR. Crime: Young was added to the FBI list after escaping from a mental hospital and allegedly perpetrating a rape and double murder. Conclusion: He was known for his deep interest in funeral homes and, true to form, was arrested by Salina, Kans., police behind the wheel of a stolen funeral home ambulance, its red light flashing and siren blaring.

MICHAEL JOSEPH O'CONNOR. Crime: Wanted for the shooting death of an acquaintance in a tavern brawl. Conclusion: He was arrested 15 days after being placed on the Top Ten list. Convicted of 1st-degree murder, O'Connor was sentenced to life imprisonment.

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