FBI Most Wanted Fugitives List: The Worst Criminals of 1964

About the worst criminals in America in 1964 according to the FBI most wanted fugitives list including George Zavada, Jesse James Gilbert and Thomas Hadder.

Most Wanted, 1964

GEORGE ZAVADA. Crime: Multiple bank robberies, including a $73,000 holdup. Conclusion: Zavada, whose nickname "the King" so fascinated him that he had it embroidered on his underwear, was the mastermind behind a rash of California bank heists which ended when FBI agents wounded him in a gun battle. Zavada was sentenced to 46 consecutive years in prison, but he died of natural causes at Leavenworth in 1965.

JOSEPH FRANCIS BRYAN, JR. Crime: Multiple kidnap-murder of young boys. Conclusion: Two weeks after inclusion on the Ten Most Wanted list, Bryan was nabbed in New Orleans. He got a life sentence.

JESSE JAMES GILBERT. Crime: Charged with robbing an Alhambra, Calif., bank and killing a police officer while fleeing; prison escape. Conclusion: FBI agents seized him at night on a Philadelphia street corner. He was in heavy disguise and refused to admit his identity until a fingerprint check removed any doubt.

JOHN GIBSON DILLON. Crime: "Matt" Dillon was wanted for bail-jumping and dealing in narcotics, for which he could have received 190 years in prison. Conclusion: His badly decomposed body was found, wired to several hundred lbs. of weights, at the bottom of a well in a remote farm in Oklahoma. Positive identification was made by dental charts.

THOMAS HADDER. Crime: An accomplished escape artist, Hadder was also wanted for the killing of a Maryland police officer. Conclusion: FBI agents seized him as he watched a singalong in a Salvation Army Center in Oklahoma.

WILLIAM HUTTON COBLE. Crime: Wanted for numerous bank robberies, and escaping from a Nashville jail. Conclusion: A wild gun battle preceded Coble's capture by FBI agents after an attempted robbery of a Charlotte, N.C., bank. He was sentenced to 15 years in a Federal prison for robbery.

JACK CLOUSER. Crime: The "Florida Fox" spent more than 10 years on the FBI Most Wanted list after escaping from a mental institution in 1964, where he had been confined after being convicted of kidnapping, robbery, and assault. Conclusion: This former Orlando, Fla., police officer turned himself in August 22, 1974, saying he was tired of running. During his decade of eluding authorities, Clouser frequently wrote letters to law enforcement officials, and once taunted the late FBI director J. Edgar Hoover for "sleeping with a night light."

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