FBI Most Wanted Fugitives List: The Worst Criminals of 1965

About the worst criminals in America in 1965 according to the FBI most wanted fugitives list including Edward Owen Watkins, Walter Lee Parman, and Leslie Douglas Ashley.

Most Wanted, 1965

EDWARD OWEN WATKINS. Crime: Wanted in 13 bank robberies. Conclusion: Watkins was captured in 1966, along with his stripteaser bride, in Florence, Mont., after they had reportedly lived a luxurious life of eating in swank restaurants and patronizing nightclubs and gambling halls. After pleading guilty to a number of charges, he was sentenced to 2 45-year terms.

GARLAND WILLIAM DANIELS. Crime: A notorious bad-check artist, also wanted for violating a conditional prison release. Conclusion: Died of an apparent heart attack in Dallas. Identified through a fingerprint examination.

WALTER LEE PARMAN. Crime: A massive nationwide search was launched for Parman after he was charged in the brutal strangulation-murder of a Washington, D.C., secretary. Conclusion: He was traced to a Los Angeles apartment where he was living under an alias. Parman was convicted of 1st-degree murder and sentenced to life imprisonment, but later escaped.

LESLIE DOUGLAS ASHLEY. Crime: A mental hospital escapee charged with a brutal murder. Conclusion: Agents captured him in Atlanta where he was working as "Bobo the Clown" in a traveling carnival.

SAMUEL and EARL VENEY. Crime: This 1st brother team to be named to the list was wanted for a bloody crime spree in Baltimore. A police lieutenant was shot while investigating an armed robbery, and a police sergeant investigating the 1st shooting was found gunned down the next day. Samuel was charged in the 2nd slaying, while Earl was charged with attempting to murder the lieutenant. Conclusion: They were captured together at Garden City, N.Y.

WARREN CLEVELAND OSBORNE. Crime: Charged in the murder of a Nashville beauty shop operator. Conclusion: Killed in an auto crash near Mount Washington, Ky., during a high-speed chase by local officers. He was on the Most Wanted list 3 weeks.

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