FBI Most Wanted Fugitives List: The Worst Criminals of 1967

About the worst criminals in America in 1967 according to the FBI most wanted fugitives list including James Robert Ringrose and Henry Theodore Young.

Most Wanted, 1967

JAMES ROBERT RINGROSE. Crime: Wanted for passing bad checks on an international scale. Conclusion: Ringrose was picked up in Osaka, Japan, when he tried to cash a fraudulent check. He served a sentence in a Japanese jail before being returned to U.S. authorities. His flight of more than 7,000 mi. earns him the record for distance traveled while a fugitive.

FLORENCIO LOPEZ MATIONG and VICTOR JERALD BONO. Crime: They were wanted in the brutal murder of 2 U.S. Border Patrol officers who had detected the pair smuggling drugs. Conclusion: Both fugitives were captured at the same time after tear gas canisters were lobbed into their Los Angeles apartment hideout.

HENRY THEODORE YOUNG. Crime: This convicted bank robber earned the reputation of being one of the most cold-blooded prisoners at Alcatraz penitentiary. He was sought by the FBI after escaping from a minimum security prison in Washington State. Conclusion: Young assumed an alias and lived an unobtrusive life in Kansas City. The FBI flushed him out on a citizen's tip after the man saw Young's picture in a detective magazine. He was not prosecuted for the escape since he was serving a life sentence for murder.

ALFRED JOHNSON COOPER, JR. Crime: Charged with shooting a police officer, kidnapping, and fleeing prosecution for robbery. Conclusion: Cooper briefly enjoyed a new identity and life-style while fleeing authorities. When FBI agents captured him in Boston he was using the name Joe Brady, and had even boxed in a "Golden Gloves" tournament under that name.

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