FBI Most Wanted Fugitives List: The Worst Criminals of 1970

About the worst criminals in America in 1970 according to the FBI most wanted fugitives list including Lawrence Plamondon, Bernadine Rae Dohrn, and Hubert Geroid Brown.

Most Wanted, 1970

LAWRENCE R. PLAMONDON. Crime: Plamondon, the "Minister of Defense" of the revolutionary White Panther party, was accused of bombing a CIA office in Ann Arbor, Mich. Conclusion: He was apprehended with the help of the computerized National Crime Information Center, the 1st Top Ten fugitive arrested under the system.

BERNADINE RAE DOHRN. Crime: Wanted for mob action, riot, and conspiracy in an alleged bombing plot in Flint, Mich., and a series of violent demonstrations in Chicago put on by the militant Weathermen faction of the SDS. Conclusion: Dohrn shared the Top Ten title with 15 others that year, as the list became inflated to an all-time peak with the inclusion of radical fugitives. The Government dropped the bombing indictment against her in 1973, and her name was removed from the list.

HUBERT GEROID BROWN. Crime: H. Rap Brown, as he was called, was a black militant who headed the Student National Coordinating Committee. He was charged with avoiding prosecution for arson and incitement to riot. Conclusion: He was shot and captured in New York City in 1971 during a police gun battle after an aborted holdup.

ANGELA YVONNE DAVIS. Crime: Wanted in connection with the murders of a judge and 3 prison inmates during an attempt to free "Soledad Brother" George Jackson in Marin County, Calif. Conclusion: The hunt for Davis, a self-avowed communist who was also black, beautiful, and brilliant, stirred up intense public interest. Two months after she was named as the 3rd woman on the FBI's list, Davis was taken in a New York City motel. She was acquitted by an all-white jury after a trial that lasted more than 3 months.

KARELTON LEWIS ARMSTRONG, DWIGHT ALAN ARMSTRONG, LEO FREDERICK BURT, and DAVID SYLVAN FINE. Crime: Sought for sabotage, destruction of government property, and conspiracy in the bombing of a University of Wisconsin building that killed a researcher and injured several others. They were all members of the radical SDS. Conclusion: Karelton Lewis Armstrong was captured in Toronto in 1972, but the others--including Fine, who at 18 was the youngest ever on the list--were not caught.

SUSAN EDITH SAXE and KATHERINE ANN POWER. Crime: Identified by the FBI as members of an unnamed revolutionary group, they were charged in the murder of a Boston police officer following a bank robbery. Conclusion: Three experienced criminals, whom the women allegedly helped in the bank robbery, were captured within a week, but the girls remained at large. (However, in March, 1975, Susan Saxe was arrested; Katherine Ann Power is still sought by authorities.) The fact that the Most Wanted list had grown to 16 names, prompted a New York Times writer to comment, "Whatever its record with ordinary criminals, the FBI isn't too hot at catching the new breed of fugitive."

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