Fears and Phobias Treatment and Information Part 1

About fears and phobias, definitions of a variety of phobias, information on treatment and therapy options.

Find Your Phobia

You, too, can, may, probably do have a phobia. There are by official estimate thousands of them on the scene today--specific phobias such as the fear of nude men and women, ugly people, beautiful people, long hair, short hair, good deeds, bad deeds, and life after death. The little fears range from the fear of oneself (monophobia) to the fear of everyone else (anthrophobia), and psychiatrists say they've already scientifically labeled over 700 of the redoubtable dreads--although they've just started counting.

We have plenty of vestiophobes, people with an aversion to wearing clothing, around today, and there are even a few nonstreakers left who suffer from the fear of not wearing clothes. Among sexual phobias, or hang-ups, we can report gynephobia, the fear of women, its companion androphobia, the fear of men, as well as pornophobia, the fear of prostitutes, and gamophobia, the fear of marriage. Then, too, almost everyone has some form of zoophobia, the fear of other animals, ranging from the fear of dogs to the fear of cats and rats. But there are also botanophobes, who dislike plants, and even anthophobes, who fear just flowers. Acrophobia, the fear of heights, is also high on the list, as is claustrophobia--the dread of closed or of narrow places. The fear of thunder has 4 names, astraphobia, keraunophobia, ceraunophobia and tonitrophobia. The number of names for this very reasonable fear of sudden disastrous explosions is almost matched in our time by the number of names for the fear of being alone--autophobia, eremophobia, and monophobia.

It could be that The Bomb, which has by now leveled the collective subconscious, is responsible for the whole phobia explosion. There is even a specific phobia for this called nucleomitiphobia. Of the 700 newly catalogued and very odd phobias, Bomb-related fears certainly make up a large percentage. One is logizomechanophobia, the fear of computers computing, and machines (or politicians) machinating; another has to be nyctophobia, the fear of impending darkness; and then there is plain old thanatophobia, the dread of death or doomsday. Maybe The Bomb even explains fears like optophobia, the fear of opening one's eyes.

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