First 1st U.S. President John Hanson

About the first 1st united states president John Hanson, president during the American Revolution under the Articles of Confederation before George Washingon.

First 1st President JOHN HANSON

Born: April 14, 1721, at Mulberry Grove, Charles County, Md.

Died: November 27, 1783, in his sleep, at Oxen Hills, Md.

Career: Educated in England, master of the 1,000-acre family plantation. Elected to the Maryland House of Delegates at 36; served there for 24 years. Elected as Maryland representative to the Continental Congress in 1781.

His Person: Plump, long nose, amused mouth, double chin. His portrait, as painted by Charles Willson Peale, hangs in Independence National Historical Park, Philadelphia, Pa.

Election: In 1781, while General Washington was still fighting the last battles of the Revolution, the 13 Colonies joined together in a loose union under the Articles of Confederation. After the British surrender at Yorktown, this new confederation needed a leader. In order to placate public opinion in Maryland (Maryland had been the last State to join this union), in November, 1781, the Continental Congress elected John Hanson "President of the United States in Congress Assembled." George Washington wrote and congratulated Hanson on his "appointment to fill the most important Seat in the United States."

Term of Office: Hanson's powers were limited; he was little more than a chairman of the Continental Congress. After serving as President for one year, he resigned the job because of ill health. His presidential successors were Elias Boudinot, Thomas Mifflin, Richard Henry Lee, Nathan Gorham, Arthur St. Clair, Cyrus Griffin, before President George Washington came along.

Little-known Facts: In 1973, the Maryland legislature passed a bill that declared April 14 of every year as John Hanson Day. The John Hanson Society also got U.S. 50 in Maryland named "The John Hanson Highway."

Quote about Him:

"It's about time due recognition was given to John Hanson and the role he played in the founding of his country. His energy, drive and devotion helped hold this country together."

-Gov. Marvin Mandel of Maryland.

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