First-Aid Treatment Recuperation

About the proper rest and recuperation necessary after suffering from injury or illness.


Just as proper diet plays an indispensable role in prevention and treatment of disease and minor disorders, so does it nurture the body back to health after sustaining an accidental injury. The following measures are particularly beneficial:

1. Try to avoid devitalizing and hard-to-digest foods during the period of healing following an accident. Specifically, avoid sugar, white flour products, fatty meat and heavy starches; foods containing toxic additives; and over-cooked, overprocessed foods. Include a high proportion of fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet and, if possible, fresh juices without additives.

2. Short, partial fasts of 2 or 3 days, using fruit and vegetables juices (without additives and preferably fresh) are often beneficial. When breaking the fast, reintroduce food gradually into the diet, and keep it light at 1st.

3. During times of stress, the body may need more than the nutrients supplied by the food we take. During these times, one may benefit from natural food supplements. One of the old time medicinal herbs is comfrey, long used as a natural blood purifier and a remedy for healing wounds. Vitamin C is also helpful in healing wounds and in respiratory conditions, and the vitamin B complex is useful in building up general resistance.

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