First International Dog Sled Mail Delivery

About the first international dog sled mail delivery from Maine to Montreal, history of the post office event.


Mail through the Snow. "The 1st international dog sled mail left Lewiston, Me., on December 20, 1928, in charge of Alden William Pulsifer, postmaster of Minot, Me., and arrived January 14, 1929, at Montreal, Canada. A regular 8' mushing sled weighing 200 lbs. was pulled by 6 blackhead Eskimo dogs. They averaged 9 mph. . . . The mail pouch contained 385 letters which were placed in government-stamped canceled envelopes. The trip was not an official one. The sled returned to Lewiston on February 2nd, passing through 4 States and provinces and 118 cities, covering 600 mi. of which 90% was barren of snow."

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