Ford Dix Stockade: Our Prison Camp Next Door By Joan Crowell

An excerpt from the book Fort Dix Stockade: Our Prison Camp Next Door by Joan Crowell, an expose of the military prison.

FORT DIX STOCKADE: OUR PRISON CAMP NEXT DOOR. By Joan Crowell. New York: Links Books, 1974.

About the book: On June 5, 1969, 250 men imprisoned in the military stockade at Fort Dix, most of them for being Absent Without Leave, rioted to let the public know about the tortures, brutality, and barbarous conditions under which they were condemned to live. When the author, a writer and a mother of 5, investigated and reported the atrocities she discovered, she was ignored by the media which, to this day, have failed to give attention to the circumstances of the riot. The book is a chilling investigation of the conditions that caused the riot, the details of the riot itself, and the stories of the young men each of whom faced courtmartial sentences of up to 50 years.

From the book: Neither the conditions at Fort Dix nor at the Presidio are rare instances of psychopathology in the military penal system. In this country and overseas the Pentagon supervises 138 Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine brigs and stockades with an overflow population of 15,000 prisoners. Most prisoners it must be remembered, are only guilty of the heinous crime of being AWOL; half of these prisoners are simply awaiting trial.

From these establishments comes an endless stream of grotesque reports: of the homosexual at the brig on Treasure Island, San Francisco, who was forced to suck on a flashlight for the amusement of the Marine Guards; of the Army officers at Fort Riley, Kans., who panicked when they discovered one of their soldiers was only 12 years old and "hid" him for 3 months in solitary confinement; of the Marines forced to strip to the waist and roll in fresh feces; of the inmate in the Great Lakes Naval Training Center brig who was punished by wrapping his throat in a wet towel, clamping a bucket over his head and making him smoke cigarettes under it until he passed out; of the 300 suicide "gestures" at Fort Dix in one year, and of the soldiers at Fort Dix who were sprayed with water and then pushed into wintry weather, naked, for varying lengths of time (one of them for 3 hours); of Fort Dix soldiers seeking conscientious-objector status discharges who were imprisoned "for their own protection" in a special cell with known homosexuals; of the Fort Leonard Wood inmate whose body was covered with gray paint and who was made to stand at attention until the paint was dry; of the Marines at Treasure Island who, according to reports from different bases, were made to do such strenuous exercises right after eating that they threw up, after which the guards pushed their faces in the vomit and made them roll in it or (in 2 instances reported) made them eat it.

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