From Agoraphobia to Xenophobia List of Fears and Definitions of Phobias

A list of fears and phobias with their definitions from agoraphobia to xenophobia.


Acrophobia--fear of heights

Aerophobia--fear of high objects or heights

Agoraphobia--fear of open places

Ailurophobia--fear of cats

Algophobia--fear of pain

Androphobia--fear of men

Anthophobia--fear of flowers

Apiphobia--fear of bees

Anthrophobia--fear of people

Arachibutyrophobia--fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth

Astraphobia--fear of storms, lightning, thunder

Autophobia--fear of being alone

Baccilophobia--fear of microbes

Ballistophobia--fear of bullets

Bathophobia--fear of depth

Belonephobia--fear of pins and needles

Botanophobia--fear of plants

Ceraunophobia--fear of thunder

Chromophobia--fear of certain colors

Claustrophobia--fear of enclosed places

Clinophobia--fear of beds

Decidophobia--fear of making decisions

Domatophobia--fear of being confined in a house

Entomophobia--fear of insects

Eremophobia--fear of being alone

Ergophobia--fear of work

Gephydrophobia--fear of crossing bridges

Gynephobia--fear of women

Hematophobia--fear of blood

Hydrophobia--fear of water

Iatrophobia--fear of doctors

Keraunophobia--fear of thunder

Monophobia--fear of being alone

Mysophobia--fear of germs or contamination

Necrophobia--fear of dead bodies

Nosophobia--fear of disease

Nucleomitiphobia--fear of nuclear bombs

Nyctophobia--fear of night

Ochlophobia--fear of crowds

Ombrophobia--fear of rain

Optophobia--fear of opening one's eyes

Pantophobia--fear of fears

Pathophobia--fear of disease

Peccatophobia--fear of sinning

Pediphobia--fear of children or dolls

Phobophobia--fear of one's own fears

Ponophobia--fear of work

Psychrophobia--fear of cold

Pyrophobia--fear of fire

Sitophobia--fear of food

Sophophobia--fear of learning

Stenophobia--fear of open places

Syphilophobia--fear of syphilis

Taphephobia--fear of being buried alive

Technophobia--fear of technology

Thalassophobia--fear of the ocean

Thanatophobia--fear of death

Tonitrophobia--fear of thunder

Topophobia--fear of performing (i.e., stage fright)

Trichophobia--fear of hair

Tropophobia--fear of moving or making changes

Verbophobia--fear of words

Vestiophobia--fear of clothing

Xenophobia--fear of strangers

Zoophobia--fear of animals

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