Future and Past Predictions from the Great Pyramid of Cheops

About the Great Pyramid of Cheops, an Egyptian pyramid that may predict the future, some of it's possible predictions included.


Some pyramidologists claim that the Great Pyramid, 2600 B.C., could actually be used for predicting the future, each year corresponding to one "pyramid inch" along its various passageways and corridors.

Past Predictions:--Mid-September, 1936, as a crucial date for U.S. and Britain which would undergo constitutional crises. The Pyramid was wrong.

--Second Coming and Day of Judgment at 1st interpreted for 1881, then 1936, then 1953. The Pyramid was wrong.

--Between 1936 and 1953 a new and enlarged Israel to emerge. The Pyramid was right.

--W.W. I to break out in 1914 and last until 1918. The Pyramid was right.

Future Predictions:

--Period of "Reconstruction" toward lasting peace, which may contain some wars along the way from 1953 until 2001.

--Beginning in 2001, the "Builders' Rest," a new stage for mankind, based on world peace and perhaps a theocratic world-state.

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