Future Predictions by Famous Scientist Dr. Jean Rostand

About scientist Dr. Jean Rostand and her predictions about the future in science and medicine.


A world-renowned biologist, Rostand has received numerous awards and prizes for research into such areas as parthenogenesis, malformation in growth and structure of organisms, amphibian genetics, and cryogenics. He has written over 3 dozen scientific books and 16 short books on life and philosophy. He is round-faced, with a walrus mustache and a twinkle in his eye.

Past Predictions: No record.

Future Predictions: Dates Not Specified--Science will someday be able to preserve people after death.

--Brain transplants will probably never be possible.

--Parthenogenesis, reproduction through development of an unfertilized gamete, will someday be possible, so that we will be able to have as many exact copies of an exceptional individual as we want.

--Science will be able to reprogram gametes by changing the composition of the nucleic acids that determine heredity, thus modifying an embryo at its start.

--Animals might be "humanized." For instance, human bone marrow could be transplanted into apes so that they would produce human blood. Human hormones could be introduced into an ape to increase its intelligence. Treatments could be performed on ape embryos to increase the number of cortical cells in the brain, and thus increase intelligence.

--It is possible that human beings will be able to create life artificially, though not in the near future. Rostand says, "By manufacturing that humble assimilating and self-reproducing particle, by causing life to be born, for the 2nd time, of something other than itself, man will have closed the great mysterious cycle. A product of life, he will have in turn become a producer of life."

--Through chemicals, such things as fatigue, anxiety, and grief will be alleviated, and pleasurable emotion will be available on demand. Control of feelings, opinions and ideas will be possible, as will the replacement of memories.

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