Future Predictions by Famous Scientist Dr. Paul Ehrlich

About Dr. Paul Ehrlich professor of biology and some of his predictions about the future of the world.

Future Predictions: For 1975-1980

--In 1975, it may become apparent that a few types of phytoplankton are becoming resistant to chlorinated hydrocarbons. This will vitally affect the ecology of the ocean.

--By 1975, most ocean fishes that return to fresh water to breed (e.g., salmon) will be extinct because of pollution of breeding streams.

--In 1976, a Russian insecticide called "Thanodrin" will be banned in Russia because of its effects on the environment.

--In 1977, the annual fish yield per capita will be less than 1/2 that in 1967. Fifty million people a year will starve.

--In 1977, solar radiation will be so reduced by air pollution that the world's vegetation will be seriously damaged.

--In 1978, Russia will supply underdeveloped countries with Thanodrin in return for trade and military concessions. Soon insect strains resistant to it will appear, and the environment will be in deep trouble. Reactions against the Russian action will be violent.

--In 1979, new diatom forms will appear in the sea; these will kill off sea life, and within the year the sea may be dead. Japan and China will face mass starvation. Both countries will blame Russia for this (because of the Thanodrin disaster, which would be partially responsible), will demand food from her without success, then will invade her.

For 2800--The population of the earth will be housed in an apartment house 2,000-stories high, which will cover the entire planet.

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