Future Predictions by Famous Scientist Robert Preholda

About Robert Preholda an expert in bio-technology and some of his predictions for the future including vitamins and cloning.


Dr. Preholda is an expert in biological technology.

Past Predictions: No record.

Future Predictions: For 1981-1990

--Antiaging pills that cost no more than 30? A day will be available. Composed of antioxidants, such as vitamin E, these will neutralize "free radical" molecules that multiply and attack stable molecules in the body. The effect on society and human life will be tremendous.

No Dates Given-Cloning (asexual reproduction) will be possible. It will be accomplished by stimulating a random cell of a person's body so that it develops into a complete "identical twin." Through one method, the nucleus would be removed from a woman's ovum and replaced with a nucleus from a body cell of another person. This altered ovum, now containing genetic DNA not from the woman but from the other person, would be stimulated into dividing, then would be raised in a "host" other mother or "test tube" environment. The resulting embryonic individual might then be used as a source of cellular replacement for the original "twin."

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