Future Predictions of Famous Mathematician D.G. Brennan

About mathematician and scientist D.G. Brennan and some of his predictions about the future of the world and technology.

Predictor: D. G. BRENNAN

A mathematician and expert on national security problems, D. G. Brennan is a member of the Hudson Institute, which does research into problems of the future, and is editor of the international journal Arms Control and Disarmament Annual Review.

Past Predictions: Wrong--He himself says that had he been asked, in 1958, which Buck Rogers weapons would be most impossible to produce, he would have chosen the disintegrator ray gun. Invention of the laser that year made such a weapon possible.

Future Predictions: For 1975-2018

--Computers as sophisticated as the human brain will be small enough to be carried in a shoe box.

--The laser will be used for target illumination and tracking, target destruction, radar, and communication. An infrared laser using holographic techniques will provide 3-dimensional spatial information.

--Aircraft capable of orbital speeds will be possible.

--Hurricanes will be controllable and will be employed as weapons against the enemy; however, by the time that happens, vessels may be fast enough to outrun them.

--Submarines will be capable of going to depths of 20,000 or more. There will be deepwater fortifications, fences, and weapons centers.

--It will be literally possible to put an intercontinental ballistic missile down a smokestack from a range of 6,000 mi.

--A back-carried antigravity belt may be used to lift individual soldiers.

--We may make war by using only automated or remote-controlled mechanisms and no people, particularly in outer space.

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