Future Predictions of famous Scientist Dr. Charles DeCarlo

About mathematician Dr. Charles DeCarlo and his predictions about the future, technology, computers, and their effect on the world.


A Ph.D. in mathematics, Charles DeCarlo is director of automation research at International Business Machines Corporation.

Past Predictions: No record.

Future Predictions: No Dates Given

--Due to laser holography, "total" sensory information will be available eventually, through the use of a small portable unit. Thus, if an individual wants to learn about almost anything at all, he will be able to push a button to call up the simulated presence of experts on that subject.

--A common language, probably some form of English, will be developed.

--Computers may become self-repairing. They may be capable of working directly with the physical environment (e.g., robots) and of imitating the behavior of other machines or people.

--Computers will become smaller, yet will hold far more information and achieve greater speed in performing logical functions. This will be a real advantage for prosthetic medicine (in artificial limbs, for instance) and education.

--Development of such computers and systems will affect the world as follows:

1) Because enormous banks of data will permit examination and monitoring of activities everywhere, the value of national and international secrecy will be diminished. Nations will share what they know.

2) Atomic warfare will be internationally controlled. Search-and-destroy tactics will be so efficient that movements of large-scale armies will be impossible. It will become more and more apparent that no one "wins" a war. Defense strategies will become more important.

3) International banking and finance will be even more influential in foreign-policy formation. Businesses in various countries will get together to establish common methods of production and distribution.

4) The world's scientific and educational communities will share computer programs and methods, cooperating in research and development, environmental control, food production, space exploration, and the eradication of disease.

5) The spread of materialistic science and the desire of people throughout the world for a better standard of living will decrease the importance of ideological differences. People will pay more attention to "what works."

6) The developed nations will increase their lead in science and technology, and the gap between them and the less developed nations will widen.

7) The "computer revolution" will cause governments at 1st to exert more centralized control, but this will eventually be offset by rising educational levels and mobility of populations.

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