Future Predictions of Famous Scientist Dr. Erich Jantsch

About the Dr. Erich Jantsch and some his predictions for the future of the world including polution, agriculture, and economy.


Originally Dr. Jantsch, an Austrian, was an astronomer. His increasing concern with possibilities of what might happen in the future led him in the mid-1960s to study forecasting techniques. He is critical of those who believe that forecasting--or science--can be neutral, and he has sympathy with young revolutionaries who want the role of science to be reevaluated. He fears for the ecological future of the world.

Past Predictions: No record.

Future Predictions: For 1981-1990

--The gap between the rich and poor is growing. If we don't do something about it, by 1985 we will be unable to visit developing countries for fear of our lives. The Western countries, Jantsch believes, must halt their economic growth and effect an equitable distribution of goods throughout the world. The alternative is an eventual worldwide class war. He envisions a nightmare of hungry Asians ravaging American and European cities.

For 1991-2000--The maximum amount of food we can hope to get from agriculture will sustain us until about 1990, or possibly 2000. After that time, many will starve. It's already too late for us to do much about it even with population controls.

No Dates Given--If the rest of the world starts using pesticides, the planet's ecological balance will be seriously affected.

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