Future Predictions of Famous Scientist Dr. Gerald Feinberg

About the Dr. Gerald Feinberg some of his predictions about the future of science, technology and philosophy of life.


A professor of physics at Columbia University, Gerald Feinberg is deeply concerned with the future of the planet. In the next 50 years, he believes, people will for the 1st time make decisions that will cause a radical change in human life. In order to facilitate this, he wants to begin the "Prometheus Project," an international movement through which experts of all kinds will suggest such decisions, which would then be accepted or rejected through a poll of the general populace.

Past Predictions: No record.

Future Predictions: No Dates Given

--It will be possible to tinker with the brain--to make the human memory more reliable and accessible at the expense, say, of breadth in sensory responses.

--Intelligent machines will probably be able to provide enough goods so that all people can live decently.

--Life may be so extended that travel to the stars will be feasible. Tachyon beams may be used for information transfer between stars. (Tachyons are hypothetical particles that move faster than the speed of light.) It may even be possible to use tachyons to "transfer" people, atom by atom, to some other place in space.

--Humans will be able to reach new levels of consciousness, to control creative processes, to perceive logic in a direct way (as we now perceive color, for instance).

--It may be possible to bring about a collective consciousness, a merging of all human minds into one, and then link this up with extraterrestrial consciousness.

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